• Experience virtual reality and NFTs on the NetVRk platform

  • Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology with huge potential, but something just seems to be keeping the technology from being adopted in the mainstream. In 2018 alone, the global augmented and virtual reality market was valued at approximately $26.7 billion, and this is expected to reach approximately $814.7 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 63% from 2019 to 2025. The VR gaming market is expected to reach a value of $45 billion by 2022 and the VR market revenue is expected to grow by more than $26.8 billion. With all these numbers, the global VR user base is also expected to grow from 70 million users in 2020 to 216 million in 2025.

    Even with all of these positive numbers in favor of the virtual reality space, there are still a few obstacles currently holding the space back. One issue is the lack of quality content in the VR space. The high standards of getting started and the many complexities surrounding content creation are also an issue for new or casual users. Apps are also very expensive to create, and even if users manage to get through all of this, there is a lack of ways to monetize VR campaigns.

    There are a number of solutions to these problems. Create a social VR ecosystem that provides impressive tools for creation and infrastructure to help easily create, share, experience and monetize VR. while providing an unlimited amount of unique VR worlds that are fully interactive. Provide a new and endless interest in VR which is sure to increase consumer growth. Provide platforms that allow users at all levels to create VR applications for business or entertainment, without necessarily having any technical knowledge. Finally, provide avenues for monetization and rewards, and ensure that all VR users (including businesses) benefit by taking advantage of these monetization tools. All of these solutions and more is what the folks at NetVRk have to offer.

    What is NetVRk?

    NetVRk’s shared virtual reality platform is built on a model of the universe. Featuring everything from planets, cities and social events. And after dedicating a lot of time and effort to creating the best virtual reality experiences, the team behind NetVRk has created a platform that allows its users to replicate real-world interactions and create VR content by integrating their 3D, code or visual effects into the NetVRk platform. Or users can simply use NetVRk’s VR creation tools, which are readily available on the platform.

    NetVRk’s in-game commerce mechanics are impressive. Users can buy, sell and trade virtual lands, which are held in non-fakeable tokens (NFTs). nFTs can be sold in the in-game marketplace or on open marketplaces like Opensea.io. Users can rent, lease or sell their land, and they can also choose to build structures on their land or rebuild terrain using in-game tools.

    NetVRk’s mission and vision

    NetVRk’s goal is to provide a new way to consume and create immersive experiences while sharing and monetizing content, which will lead to a virtual Metaverse that has the potential to keep expanding. The idea is to be a way for the internet to grow.

    The NetVRk token ecosystem and its usefulness

    NetVRk’s tokens are native utility tokens for the NetVRk platform, and some of their use cases include.

    Purchase of assets

    Users can use NetVRk tokens to purchase assets in the virtual reality world, which can include buildings and vehicles as well as many other assets found on the NetVRk marketplace.

    Buying Land

    Just like in the real world, land is a valuable commodity in Netvrk’s VR world. Users can use NetVRk tokens to buy land in VR real estate hotspots, either overlooking the beach or right in front of the city.

    Buy advertising space

    Tokens can be used to purchase ad space. These ad spaces can be used to generate passive income, which can then be sold to other users for a healthy profit.

    Generating NFTs

    Users can use NetVRk tokens to generate Non-Forgible Tokens (NFTs). This is just another way to earn extra income on the platform.


    By staking NetVRk tokens in the network, speakers can receive a fixed percentage. This is another way to earn passive income with NetVRk tokens.

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