• Start issuing NFTs on SuperFarm without charging for gas

  • SuperFarm’s NFTs starter board offers great features for artists.

    SuperFarm has partnered with ImmutableX to launch a platform with unlimited scalability.

    By deploying NFTs on this platform, users can enjoy zero fuel costs.

    The metaspace on the ImmutableX ecosystem will be multi-chain.

    The NFTs or Non-Fungible Token industry has witnessed tremendous growth within the crypto community. Several markets have emerged globally following the boom in digital collectibles. Similarly, SuperFarm has brought one of the biggest evolutions in the metaspace.SuperFarm has announced an alliance with ImmutableX, a scalable second tier solution. The partnership launched the first fully functional NFT launchpad, which will allow SuperFarm’s partners and global users to access this crypto token without gas fees and protected by the security of the Ether blockchain. However, the agreement continues its mission to create an inclusive, mainstream-focused meta-region of NFT tokens.

    SuperFarm partners with ImmutableX

    SuperFarm is proud to announce its partnership with ImmutableX, a second tier extension solution for NFTs and games. It’s worth noting that this alliance was created a few months ago, and a lot has changed in the crypto world since then. Specifically, the non-fungible token industry and gaming in the blockchain world are now on everyone’s radar. It is worth noting that immutability will help provide several great benefits on the launchpad.

    Benefits on the SuperFarm NFT Launchpad

    There is no escrow risk in deploying NFTs on SuperFarm, as these tokens will be protected by the security of Ether. Moreover, this NFT token supports ERC-20 and ERC-721.With the help of ImmutableX, SuperFarm’s NFT launchpad is carbon neutral and offers unlimited scalability. On the other hand, users can also witness instant transaction confirmation and mainstream quality user experience.

    Moreover, the platform retains access to the ethereum blockchain ecosystem and network effects. On SuperFarm’s NFT launchpad, the newly established NFT drops can be issued with no gas fees. In fact, this factor is very important in the local cryptocurrency community. Ultimately, the protocol will essentially improve the user experience of the community.

    SuperFarm’s metaspace will be multi-chain

    In the past few months, the crypto community has witnessed several cross-chain and multi-chain narratives being built. With Ether bursting at the seams, alternatives with Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions are starting to gain mainstream traction. Notably, with a clear multi-chain vision, the platform is excited to work with ImmutableX as a top partner and together spread mass adoption of NFT.

    SuperFarm is calling on artists to join the journey and deploy digital collections. To be part of the first fully functional NFT launch platform in the ecosystem, artists can now apply.

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