• Elon’s Dog – A new marketplace coming soon with 10,000 NFTs

  • The market for non-counterfeitable tokens (NFT) continues to grow. There is speculation that the market will reach astronomical heights over time. Since being exposed to the market, NFTs are designed to secure and store artistic ideas, such as paintings, music, etc. That said, each NFT is unique – it can never be exchanged with anything else and it is distinctive on the blockchain.

    Among the many emerging NFT projects is the NFT marketplace, Dogs of Elon. inspired by the DOGE (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) coins, Dogs of Elon (DoE) made its historic debut with 10,000 unique works of art, and most of them are dog-inspired designs.

    Since the announcement of Dogs of Elon, it has gained the attention of the cryptocurrency community. The reason could be that it serves as a tribute to Elon Musk, or it could be because of the dazzling designs it offers for NFT.

    Nonetheless, the support of the cryptocurrency community is evident, and it has been slowly achieving different milestones as early as now.

    According to Dogs of Elon’s official Twitter account, they are now listed on DappRadar and have partnered with DEXToolsApp. What’s more, the team just received two smart contract audits from Certik; therefore, its native token $DOE is safe. What’s more, Dogs of Elon ran an airdrop campaign worth $50,000.

    Furthermore, the team stated that the launch date will be disclosed to the public soon. They also reiterated that participating addresses will be limited to a maximum of 20 DOEs. furthermore, the NFTs will be disclosed along with their metadata at the end of the pre-sale. This gives everyone a chance to get something rare and cool.

    The report states that there are no potential hazard codes in the DOE contract. Therefore, once a wagering reward is deposited into the pool, ownership will be able to forfeit that contract. This ensures that the award cannot be withdrawn or modified.

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