• Solana-based platform Cyclos, Solatars release Le Cougar Clique NFT Drop

  • Le Cougar Clique is a unique hybrid DeFi/NFT protocol with a built-in deflation mechanism Cougarnomics. thus, its NFT becomes less and less over time.

    Le Cougar Clique is released by Cyclos and Solatars

    Cyclos, a liquid AMM focused on Solana (SOL), along with mainstream digital artist Solatars, will release the Le Cougar Clique series of uncounterfeitable tokens.

    Due to a quirky mechanism being implemented, “Cougars” are deflated by default: every two weeks, 25% of the CycloSwap platform fee and 15% of the Cougars sales royalty will be used to “cull” the “weakest” Cougars.

    With these assets, tokens will be bought back from the market, so the aggregated available supply of Cougars will be reduced step by step.

    In part, the fees raised by the sale of Cougars by CYS – the core native token of Cyclos DEX – will be redistributed into some specially crafted pools.

    Cyclos co-founder Jason O’Brian stressed that the ongoing offering is particularly important to his DEX’s community-building strategy.

    By linking the availability of Cougars to Cyclos, the goal is to create a virtuous circle between the two products and their communities. As the Cyclos ecosystem continues to expand, the practical case for Cougars will also grow. We formed Cougar Den (the DAO behind the project) with the goal of bringing the community together with the Cyclos team to collaborate on future use cases.

    Bringing centralized mobility to Solana

    The Cougars NFT airdrop will be released in early December 2021 via a minting event on the official Cyclos Decentralized Financial Protocol website.

    Cyclos touts itself as the first automated market-making engine for centralized liquidity on Solana. This revolutionary concept allows liquidity providers to enjoy fast and resource efficient trading on the red-hot Solana blockchain.

    Furthermore, Cyclos aims to create liquidity pools for the widest range of assets: starting from “basic” stablecoin-to-stablecoin, to exotic low-cap cryptocurrencies.

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