• The highly anticipated Aavegotchi Haunted House 2 is just around the corner

  • The crypto ghosts of Aavegotchi are back with some more of their trademark ingenuity. To that end, the bidding for “Haunt 2” is about to begin.

    After lengthy discussions with the AavegotchiDAO, it was decided to expand the Gotchiverse. as a result, Aavegotchi will release 12,000 new 8-bit ghosts into the field.

    The inaugural Haunted House 1 was launched in March and was a huge success. However, it was considered lacking as far as participation was concerned. They launched with 10,000 NFTs which sold out within a minute, after which participation ended. This time, they took a different strategy. The auction framework would provide persistence for the drop. And, the dynamics of bids versus revenue will ensure that no one loses out.

    Aavegotchi will auction 80% of the new NFTs and the remaining 20% will be raffled off. What this means for collectors is that the experience is longer, more engaging, and adds a touch of excitement than just a few minutes. Since Aavegotchi runs on Polygon, its hefty petrol bill is only a fraction of the cost, and as NFTs gain more traction, those petrol bills have become frustratingly frequent.

    Haunt 2 will be available from 2pm (UTC) on August 26th until 2pm (UTC) on August 29th. The auction venue, as always, is Aavegotchi’s local auction site. Finally, all bids require GHST USD tokens, so make sure you stock up beforehand.

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