• Highly Anticipated Treeverse Gaming Platform Raises $25 Million

  • Treeverse, a browser-based metadata gaming platform, has raised $25 million from IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, Stani Kulechove and others in a recent fundraising storm.

    Treeverse recently raised $25 million from IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, and Stani Kulechove, among others. The main reason for the successful funding is that Treeverse aims to provide players with a MMORPG-style game similar to Pokémon’s nostalgic meta-game that allows users to interact with NFT in a virtual environment.

    What is Treeverse?

    Treeverse is a browser-based 2D pixel art metaverse designed to be an NFT-type social media platform founded by an NFT investor called Loopify.Loopify started as an NFT artist by creating 420 NFT collections called NFTrees, which then blossomed due to community-driven growth that became a metaverse. the August 2021 release of NFTs, which offered 10,000 private plots at $520 each, sold out in one hour. Over 400 founder’s private plots were airdropped to 420 NFTree holders, bringing the total number of plots to 10,420 by coin dropping to NFTree holders’ addresses.

    They are now trading on Opensea for $7,000 per plot and include a private home within the Treeverse to show off their favorite NFTs, display art, and invite their friends to visit.

    Treeverse road map

    Treeverse is now in open alpha testing. The company plans to introduce in-game earned (P2E) content in the game, with the most prominent element being in-game earned assets that can be used for NFTs.These assets are rewards for users who spend more time and effort in the game to acquire more unique items. There are also plans to offer in-game trading markets, guilds, seasonal events, mini-games, NFT-locked areas, and custom public lands.

    The popularity of NFT in the gaming environment allows users to take ownership of in-game assets that cannot be faked. The company says future plans include developing a project called Interleave, which will be a DAO and related to Treeverse in some way.

    Decentralized networks and cryptocurrencies have made the meta-gaming space quite viable. Payments have become more streamlined thanks to blockchain technology.NFTs allow in-game assets to be monetized without the risk of counterfeiting.P2E has significant economic implications as it allows anyone to make money through gaming.

    P2E games like Axie Infinity and Decentraland have been big players in the metaspace gaming craze sweeping the blockchain world. A P2E metaverse called Mars4 is combining diverse NFTs with an absorbing and immersive Mars exploration simulation. It allows players to acquire and trade virtual land on Mars.

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