• Outer Spaceman Action Figure Hits WAX

  • Dear Earthlings, get ready for a major alien invasion on Earth – action figures of outer spacemen are coming to WAX!

    Outer Spaceman debuted in 1968 when famed toymaker Mel Birnkrant created seven alien vinyl action figures, each representing the planets of the solar system and unexplored regions of the galaxy. The set expanded to include more figures, and currently features 21 alien creatures.

    The line on WAX will be available through the limited vIRL® NFT line, which features 12-inch solid action figures. This also marks the first-ever official series on WAX that features redeemable NFTs in exchange for a real-world action figure.

    Only 1,735 NFTs are for sale, so make sure you snatch them up quickly.

    Each pack will cost $251 and will come with a random vIRL NFT depicting one of 24 unique 3D figures. Buyers will have to redeem their vIRL to get the physical collectible on their card. The collection also features four rarity titles; Infinity Glyos, Bluestar Edition, Cosmic Radiation Edition and Whitestar Edition.The Whitestar cards are ultra-rare and whoever has one in their pack is eligible for one of the five action figures that figures usually retail for $999 on the OSM website.

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