• Prolific Collector Pablo Fraile at Algrorand’s New NFT Market

  • Prolific collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile has launched a new NFT platform with cultural strategist Ximena Caminos and NFT artist Andrea Bonaceto. Called Aorist, the platform will be powered by the Algorand blockchain and is focused on building a new creator economy.

    Described as a “next-generation cultural institution with a sophisticated marketplace,” Aorist was created specifically to empower contemporary artists to create at the edge of art and technology. The platform will bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds by cross-pollinating exhibitions, commissions, partnerships and acting as an incubator. Artists will be able to use advanced web3 technology tools to push the limits of their practice to create and innovate together.

    The platform has not yet been officially launched to the public, however, it recently hosted a private NFT sale of artwork by the conceptual Andrés Reisinger. All the artworks sold out with a top price of $160,000.

    Algorand is the world’s first open source, permissionless, pure PoS blockchain protocol. The company also recently partnered with ClimateTrade to minimize the environmental impact of blockchain technology.Algorand is a leading force in eco-friendly technology, with over 500 global organizations utilizing its technology.

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