• Major beauty brand NARS joins the NFT craze

  • Popular beauty brand NARS joins a growing list of brands and public figures in the fashion and beauty industry capitalizing on the NFT hype.

    Over the weekend, NARS Beauty launched its first-ever NFT collection. The digital collections are up for auction on Truesy, an online marketplace for non-friable tokens (NFTs).

    NARS has launched the NFT Art Collection based on its famous “High Tide” product line. In doing so, the brand commissioned DJ and music producer Nina Kravis, multi-media artist Sara Shakeel and designer Azéde Jean-Pierre. The launch of the “orgasm” inspired NFT intentionally coincides with National Orgasm Day on July 31.

    NARS’ vice president of global and digital strategy and social engagement says this is not a revenue-generating opportunity; instead, the goal of the NFT launch is to “create a really fun, creative experience around a core and iconic product.”

    The NFT release for the NARS line reflects both the “Orgasm” line and the artist. The price of each varies greatly. The first one, from Collage and Crystal, multi-media artist Sara Shakeel, is free. The free NFT placement creates wider access to NFT for major artists and brands. Here’s a video of a lip glittering mouth with a wave inside.NARS and Shakeel’s fan base can take advantage of the wide open NFT.

    Fashion designer Jean-Pierre’s NFT is available for the affordable price of $50, including a limited edition of the “Orgasm” collection. The most expensive is DJ Kraviz’s NFT, which debuted at $500. Only three copies of the digital piece are available, including a bundle of NARS products.

    Truesy, an NFT marketplace that accepts credit card payments, aims to make access to NFT accessible to a wider market. Additionally, it encourages people outside of cryptocurrency to feel more comfortable with this emerging space.

    Beauty and fashion industries continue to merge with cryptocurrency

    NARS is just one of many major fashion and beauty brands that have capitalized on the NFT craze over the past year. Furthermore, this involvement of mainstream brands has the potential to create a new landscape for the future of the metaspace.

    Another well-known name in the same space, Dolce & Gabbana made news of NFT last month, and in July, the iconic fashion brand launched their first-ever NFT collection. The collection features digital fashion inspired by the Italian city of Venice.

    In addition to just NFT, the fashion industry is also utilizing blockchain technology in other innovative ways.Karl Lagerfeld, the famous Chanel figure and fashion photographer, has digitized and put over 12,000 of his images on the blockchain in the past year.

    Other brands in the industry are now using distributed ledger technology to help stop counterfeiting.

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