• Cellist Brings Live Instrumental Performance to Somnium Space

  • Talented musician and composer Metaveo is working to bring live music into the VR meta-space, and quietly, without much pomp or ceremony.

    In a series of Twitter posts, Metaveo has documented his journey to bring cello playing into Somnium Space. A series of images show him sitting in a small chair, cello in hand, wearing a pair of VR goggles, while his digital self sits in an epic virtual concert hall. Assuming that the eyes are important when playing any instrument, the conclusion reports that this is no easy feat.

    The esteemed cellist was aided in his adventure by VR frontman Djembe Dragonfire and his ample concert hall, Sky City. As such, this formidable venue provides the perfect outlet for his musical endeavors. Commenting on the rehearsals, Metavio noted his size in comparison to the larger stage. However, he also noted, “I should have made myself taller, I guess.” Because, in this virtual world, we are not limited by our surroundings.

    Live singers and karaoke are becoming staples of the metaverse, however, the actual instruments will take the concert experience to the next level. And, with Djembe Dragonfire and others guiding musicians through the complex technical aspects, expect a full VR concert soon.

    Sky City is located on Lot 476 of Somnium Space. If you’re lucky, you might get to see Metaveo perfecting his set.

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