• Big Time NFT Collector WhaleShark Joins Genies Avatar Family

  • Anonymous WhaleShark and the $WHALE team have joined forces with leading avatar creation company Genies.The Genie team has brought the prominent NFT collector and founder of the $WHALE token to the Genie-verse. The avatar is based on Avastar #63, also known as Old Money.

    In the near future, some Whale Shark inspired merchandise will be available to collectors, and this partnership will also see the creation of cultural and community exchanges and other exciting collaborative events.

    The $WHALE token is a social currency backed by rare NFT assets, offering holders the opportunity to NFT airdrop, play, network and earn $WHALE.

    “As we move further into the concept of metaverse and meta-identity, the Genies team is ready to take the marketplace by storm. I am honored that whale shark avastar can inspire what will hopefully be the first of many cryptocurrency and NFT characters to be geniefied in the future”, said whale shark.

    Earlier this year, Genies raised $65 million to boost its avatar and wearable creator and also partnered with Dapper Labs to host the Genies marketplace on the Flow blockchain. The platform is backed by some of the world’s most famous superstars, such as legendary record producer Quincy Jones, accomplished singer Rihanna and Instagram star Cardi B.

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