• Cannabis Club to host the most relaxed event in the Metaverse

  • The addicts of the Metaverse, known as the Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC), are hosting a huge cannabis-themed party in Decentraland. This spectacular event will set the stage for CCC’s latest drop, the much anticipated arrival of the plant unveiling.

    The big roast party will take place at the City of Las Vegas skate park and will involve a whole lot of cannabis-based shenanigans. With that in mind, 101 NFTokers will be the highlight of the venue, Decentraland wearables will be dropped off to token holders, and 10 branded skateboards will be the subject of giveaways. In addition, sheet music will provide what is presumably a reggae soundtrack.

    Each NFT poker holder will receive the equivalent of a digital weed plant. As an additional NFT asset, these plants will provide a breeding mechanism for the community as green-fingered hedonists compete to grow the best varieties and trade the fruits of their labor on the open market.

    The cannabis-themed celebration will begin at 4:20PM UTC on September 9.

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