• Luxury Cigar NFT, the first of its kind, is completely sold out

  • Luxury Cigars NFTs Atabey Black is now completely sold out. Launched by United Cigars in April, it is the world’s first NFT cigar line.

    The luxury cigar industry is worth over $17 billion annually, so competition at the top is fierce. United Cigars had the foresight to launch NFT, a luxury cigar, back in April, much earlier than NFT entered the mainstream market.

    However, buyers of this unique digital art are not buying real-life cigars. In fact, they are buying digital virtual cigar boxes.

    The beautifully designed Atabey Black cigars have an elegant, modern look. The creator is Nelson Alfonso of Selected Tobacco. alfonso is a well-known cigar enthusiast. Some of his most memorable lines include the Atabey, Byron and Bandolero.

    Interestingly, Luxury Cigars NFT is going to World Cigar Rights, which is a charitable organization. According to their website, they are a charitable organization dedicated to the world of cigars.

    Furthermore, the company states, “The goal of World Cigar Rights is to protect the rights of cigar lovers. We are not affiliated with any continent or culture, manufacturer, company, language or religion, political affiliation or position.”

    Finally, there are two options for luxury cigar NFTs. First, there are 25 individual cigars. Second, you can purchase them in a box of cigars. There are ten of them. The single cigars sell out quickly for 0.24 ETH. a box costs 0.48 ETH. you can still purchase these on OpenSea’s secondary marketplace.

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