• Odintin Group pioneers boutique coffee NFT

  • In recognition of the NFT (Non-Forgible Token) craze and the collectible value of fine coffee, Taiwan-based tech startup Odintin Group, together with Taiwan Coffee Research Office and Zouzhu Yuan, launched Taiwan’s first NFT for fine coffee, hoping to promote the digital collectible value of fine coffee in Taiwan.

    Founded in 2010, Odinting Group focuses on blockchain applications and e-commerce related services, and has launched services covering both B2B and B2C sectors. In addition to the newly launched NFT platform, it also includes blockchain accommodation management system, blockchain food traceability system, Taiwan forest products production tracking system, medical testing tracking system, and blockchain news platform.

    Ondine said that Taiwan’s boutique coffee has boomed in the past decade, and the “black gold business opportunity” for Taiwan coffee has reached US$70 billion in the past two years. This time, the company has partnered with the Taiwan Coffee Research Office and Zou Chik Yuen to launch the Lot 13 Tippika NFT, an international bid for Taiwan’s boutique coffee, which includes a limited edition of 255 kilograms of award-winning boutique coffee beans, as well as licensing the title of exclusive design work to buyers for collection and extended commercial applications.

    NFT is a special product born from the development of the blockchain industry, initially targeting digital artworks, and then gradually adding realistic artworks or physical objects for sale as NFT, sparking a global craze.

    Ondine planned a royalty fee (Royalty fee) mechanism, NFT creators will receive royalty fees from each transaction, and can set their own royalty fee ratio.

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