• If Beeple had kept his $69 million in ETH…how much would it be worth now?

  • We all know beloved CryptoArt icon, Beeple, from earlier this year when he sold his “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” to NFT investor and cryptocurrency whale Metakovan for a mind-blowing $69 million.Those of us who were there will remember holding our breath until the last second, hearts beating fast, wondering how the auction would end. But, how many of us remember that Beeple actually sold his ETH for …… fiat.

    Well, if you’ve forgotten, the interesting Beeple69M account on Twitter can keep you up to date. This account was created shortly after Beeple announced in an interview that NFT was a bubble and that he had swapped his ETH for traditional cash.

    “Boom, I have $53 million in my account, Beeple lamented in an interview, recalling the day he received the money in a hurry in Miami, where he took a reserved private jet to celebrate.” I’m not a crypto-ist at all. I was doing digital art long before all this shit, and if all this fucking NFT stuff went away tomorrow, I’d still be doing digital art.

    So the real question is, if he hadn’t sold his ETH, how much money would he have now? Well, according to Beeple 69M (at the time of writing).” If Beeple had kept $69M of ETH, it would now be worth $154,059,980.00. Calculated by using the estimated 38,000 ETH obtained from the sale.”

    The account is updated once a day at 18:00 UTC and is calculated using the CoinGecko price feed. It was created by security and anti-phishing expert harry.eth and has proven to be a great source of infotainment. So, if you’re thinking of selling your ETH, check out Beeple69M first and think twice.

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