• Women’s World NFT sold for a whopping 20 ETH

  • After a dry spell, the NFT market is back in full swing, and the latest item to explode since its launch a few days ago is The Female World. So far, this is one of the first truly female-oriented collectible items. 10,000 randomly generated women each with their own unique characteristics such as skin tone, earrings, hairstyle, clothing, facial features and more.

    The item saw a record sale of woman #2925, which was sold by collector NFT Goats to another collector named Jaft for 20 ETH (about $51,698.) Jaft seems to be loading up on all the Women’s World NFTs they can get their hands on, and they hold over 100 or so of them.

    What makes this woman special is the particular style of necklace and earrings she has. The handful of women who wear this style of jewelry belong to one of three clubs called the “Royal Club”. The other two clubs were the “Investors’ Club” and the “Collectors’ Club.” Any woman with a “Royalty Club” is eligible to receive 50% of all royalties OpenSea receives from secondary sales, which will be distributed monthly among members. Royalties are set at 4%, which is 2% of all sales for the lucky club member!” .

    The artist behind Women’s World is female superstar artist Yam. the reserve price has been steadily rising and is currently almost at 0.4 ETH. the project supports a number of causes and it aims to empower women through art and promote diversity.

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