• Director Quentin Tarantino to Release Pulp Fiction Series NFTs

  • NFT.NYC, New York City – Quentin Tarantino announced Tuesday at the NFT.NYC event that he will be releasing a series of seven non-fakeable tokens (NFTs), including never-before-seen handwritten scripts and commentary from Pulp Fiction.

    “I am thrilled to present these exclusive scenes from Pulp Fiction to fans,” a Tarantino statement said. The original film earned some $214 million at the box office, earning Tarantino an Oscar for best screenplay in 1994.

    Secret Network co-founder Guy Zyskind told us that the collection will run on Secret Network’s blockchain, which allows creators and NFT holders to privately own, rent and sell said artwork.

    “If the whole idea of Secret NFT is that I can share something exclusively with those who buy it, then I want to share something that’s very valuable to me, something that’s very valuable in pop culture, and something that’s never been seen before,” he said, citing a conversation with Tarantino about the project.

    “What’s something that’s really iconic? What’s something that’s very, very close to his heart, very, very close to his fans, something that’s historically significant in terms of pop culture? And then [Tarantino] came up with the idea,” Zyskind said. “[Tarantino] said, ‘Look, I have the original handwritten Pulp Fiction script. I’ve never shared it with anyone.”

    It’s really secret.

    Secret NFTs contain content that can only be viewed by the owner of the asset itself – and ownership does not have to be public.

    “[By lifting] the normal NFTs, we can provide [user] access control,” Zyskind added.” Essentially, if I’m an artist and I’m releasing a piece of art, I don’t have to disclose it to the entire world; I can selectively release it.”

    Zyskind says privacy and access controls like Secret are game changers for NFTs.” He says, “NFTs are probably the most disruptive technology of the decade.” The arts world is full of innovation, and the media is actively exploring all the potential use cases associated with the technology. Now we have the privacy and access control that secret networks provide. Ultimately, this will enable a whole new set of potential use cases.”

    The Pulp Fiction NFT series will be up for auction on OpenSea, but an official date has not yet been announced.

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