• Pororo the penguin draws a straight line for Sandbox

  • The Sandbox has partnered with Korean creative animation studio ICONIX, and through this partnership will bring the lovable penguin Pororo and his friends to the digital realm.

    As part of this loyalty, ICONIX has acquired a large portion of prime real estate in the Sandbox metaspace. It will use this new asset to expand its brand and provide an immersive experience for its fans.

    To celebrate the partnership, Sandbox will be conducting a huge sale of 374 lots, each bundled with an exclusive NFT based on Pororo’s Little Penguin universe.These will include characters, buildings and vehicles from the popular animated series, and will offer fans the opportunity to recreate the Pororo experience for themselves.

    In addition, ICONIX intends to use the land acquired to create a major theme park based on Pororo. It will feature many of the iconic scenes from the show. As such, it will provide a tangible space for enthusiasts to come together and share their stories of their time at Penguin Base.

    Pororo comes to the meta-world and the epic Rand sale both start at 1pm (UTC) on September 23. So get yourselves ready for another sandbox real estate extravaganza.

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