• Flavian Darius Pommier’s world of wine, models and NFT

  • Flavien Darius Pommier (Flavien Darius Pommier) is a winemaker as well as an entrepreneur. It’s hard to say which came first, but this 26-year-old man has managed to elevate his oldest craft into the 21st century, going all over the celebrity endorsement route, plus cutting-edge technology. It’s a powerful combination.

    The wine itself has a blue pedigree, with vineyards in the legendary Saint-Emilion appellation, one of the most prestigious in Bordeaux. It was created by the Pommier family in 1990.

    The Pommier family already owned 1,879 vineyards covering 100 hectares in the Bordeaux region.In 1990, his parents, Michel and Odette Pommier, realised a very old dream and, in addition to their vast vineyards, acquired 7 vineyards in Saint-Laurent de Combes, a town in the Saint-Émilion town in the middle of the country, acquired 7 hectares of land occupying exceptional soils.

    The wine is called Darius, in honour of a Persian king who lived in 500 BC and in tribute to one of Pommier’s grandsons, whose mother was Iranian. Since then, Château Darius is one of the 200 wines currently sold under the name Grand Cru Saint-Emilion.

    Thus, the young entrepreneur of the same name, who came out of the old world of wine, managed to arrange a wine tasting with Macron at the Presidential Palace – Elysee – through the lucky connection of the official chef of the French President. At the table, the wine’s pedigree was quickly established and Château Darius now bears the stamp of the French head of state.

    Pommier’s role continued at pace. Another introduction, this time to billionaire real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid, resulted in a strategic partnership with Hadid, creating his own wine brand. This relationship has allowed Dalles Winery to expand into the United States.

    It didn’t hurt that Hadid was the father of supermodel Gigi, whose partner was former member of One Direction, Zain Malik. On the birth of their first child, both wines – Château Dalis and Hadid – were given as congratulatory gifts.

    Geographically, Pommier has now turned his attention to London and secured places at many top institutions, but COVID has prevented him from penetrating the UK and international markets more aggressively.

    However, this is blowing badly and Pommier’s enforced confinement has led him to explore another keen interest, that of cryptocurrencies.

    Those who buy NFT have the option to redeem their wine immediately – or, in an odd choice, the option to pick it up in person once the confinement is lifted.

    For Pommier, the NFT is an extension of his wines, and he plans to create about 50 new NFTs this harvest, building a limited collection for each vintage. This is not without its difficulties, as Pommier has found that the volatility of cryptocurrency at one stage pushes the price of his NFTs higher than the actual wines.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about the wine – Pommier is a winemaker and entrepreneur, not the other way around.

    When asked to describe his wines, he described with relish.

    “What makes the wines of Château Dalis different? Well, really good wines can be drunk at the bar, by the glass, at the table. Our wines are very versatile, for example the 2018 can be eaten with both fish and meat.”

    He is also passionate about sustainable or green winemaking.

    I wish all those who happily purchased his NFT linked wines a safe trip in September to enjoy the harvest and their own D’Aulisberg wines. This sounds like a very special way to enjoy wine.À la tienne Flavien and new friends.

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