• Rainbow Daughters NFTs – From the Streets of New York to the Blockchain

  • Inspired by portraits and New York street hipsters, “Daughter of the Rainbow” is a unique collection of masterpieces of NFT artwork.

    Created by an artist couple, this collaborative effort includes both hand-painted and digital artwork. One of the artists painted 30 of the original daughters and then created a total of 1,523 NFT daughters from those daughters. Each NFT daughter has her own unique style to flaunt, from blue hair and huge earrings to stylish hats and nose rings.

    The series is divided into three phases, with the first phase launching on October 13 with 999 daughters released in a blind box at 0.05 ETH each.The second phase includes 450 rare animated daughters at 0.15 ETH each, and the third phase will showcase 30 original pieces of mother artwork by the daughters who created them. These works will be auctioned off through a bidding system. Holders of Mother NFT will also receive a 3D version of the artwork and a VVIP pre-sale whitelist for future events.

    The roadmap includes some exciting features that will be unlocked when a certain percentage of NFT sales are reached at each stage, such as: unlocking the Alien Daughter series, a bonus airdrop program, a mix of Silver, Gold and Rainbow level Daughters, an eBible NFT for the Daughter family, and a 5% donation of sales profits to a charity fund that supports young artists.

    So what’s the story of the mysterious Daughters of the Rainbow? Well, they are moored in the Rainbow Sea, which exists at the source of the universe. All answers pertaining to humanity flow through the Rainbow Sea and manifest themselves in the form of rainbow light. The artists wanted the different forms of NFT to be virtual vessels to capture this light – rainbow essence – from the universe, storing the connection between humanity and the Rainbow Sea, allowing people to access the answers to the source of life.

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