• Peter Hurley: “Almost everything will be tied to the NFT”

  • On October 30, world-renowned photographer Peter Hurley will launch his NFT project called Shabangrs, a series produced in honor of the millions of photographers around the world who have been largely ignored in the NFT field thus far.

    Shabangrs, 10,000 NFTs for sale on OpenSea

    This collection of 10,000 NFTs is being sold on OpenSea (pre-sale starts on October 20 on OpenSea, while the general sale will take place on the 30th) and each NFT has different utilities, offers, sweepstakes and giveaways that come with ownership. Each Shabangrs NFT holder will receive “citizenship” of the virtual city of Shabangrsville, opening up a plethora of resources and an amazing network of creatives and photographers.

    We took the opportunity to interview Hurley to get a better understanding of how and why he started working in the crypto-art field.

    Peter Hurley: “Shabangrs NFT series to raise awareness”

    Why did you decide to get into the NFT industry?

    The NFT industry is changing the way creators and collectors exchange their work while verifying ownership in real time.

    This is a huge opportunity for photographers who don’t always get credit for the photos they take. With NFT, photos can always have the creator’s information in the metadata, which translates into credits.

    Generally, photographers don’t know much about this area and Shabangrs NFTs aim to raise awareness while providing a lot of value to the community.

    How can photography benefit from NFTs?

    Photography and photographers can benefit from NFTs because it makes it easy for almost anyone in the world to transfer ownership and verify authenticity without having to worry about fakes or replicas. Taking it a step further, photographers can also add utility to the items they sell. For example, a photographer might have an upcoming event and include access to that future event in a photo or series of photos sold as an NFT. It’s just a game changer.

    Is it hard to start working with NFT?

    It would be difficult to do this work if I didn’t have the knowledgeable and talented team currently working at Shabangrs. It definitely requires you to surround yourself with subject matter experts, such as designers, developers and marketers.

    How do you see the future of NFT?

    The future of the NFT space is mind-blowing. I bet almost everything you can imagine owning will be tied to NFT at some point.

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