• Microsoft to offer NFTs at Windows 11 launch

  • Microsoft, the monopolist of versatile operating systems, is about to launch the 11th iteration of its popular Windows program. Accompanying this event is a whimsical “6D” music experience, as well as an exclusive NFT drop.

    Singers Tate McCrae and Allen Stone will host the launch, but things remain cryptic on the NFT front, with the site only promising a one-of-a-kind crypto token that will unlock “valuable experiences and rewards” on the platform. The token itself is being offered by Uluv.io, so an associated account is required.

    Looking ahead, all new devices will now come with the upgrade pre-installed, while the existing army of Windows 10-powered gadgets will receive an upgrade offer in mid-2022. If previous versions are anything to go by, it’s best to wait for the first patches to arrive before making the leap.

    Other aspects of this baffling release include a Windows Ice Cream, the lighting of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and an ad display in Times Square in New York. Hopefully this latest iteration of disabling Microsoft Edge will build on 10 and not take us back to the dark ages of Vista.

    So the world is on edge as they wait patiently to discover what these extra dimensions are. Micro-dimensions as understood by mathematicians and doctors? Portals to alternate universes? Ponder this question as you eat your monochrome blue Windows-themed ice cream.

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