• Bundesliga signs two-year NFT deal, waits for NFT market to mature

  • Sorare continues to add key commercial partners to become the world’s leading football-focused NFT platform.

    The commercial arm of Germany’s top football league, the Bundesliga, Bundesliga International, has signed a short-term partnership with Sorare, a football-centric NFT platform that boasts French footballer Antoine Griezmann as an investor and FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique as a strategic advisor. This follows an 18-month long learning process as the business entity attempts to learn more about NFTs.

    Bundesliga internationals team up to launch NFT

    Sorare raised $680 million from SoftBank for its five-player NFT fantasy football game in a Series B funding round that values the company at $4 billion. Players can buy and sell digital trading cards using ETH, and these transactions take place on the ethereum blockchain. These digital cards are NFTs.Ownership of Sorare NFTs can be verified on the public blockchain.NFTs are of the popular ERC 721 type. The Bundesliga will sell Bundesliga digital cards as well. In a two-year licensing agreement with Sorare, the Bundesliga will sell digital cards for the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. The league’s chief executive Robert Klein said the league wants to investigate the commercial use of NFTs and wants to put them out to tender in 2022 after the two-year deal.Klein believes that NFTs should be taken seriously by the sports sector. The Bundesliga starts selling cards in October 2021. Next year, Sorare will also publish two NFT videos of the German league, which will also be collected and used in the game.

    Sorare hopes to sign deals with the top 20 football clubs in the world by the end of next year. The teams Sorare is working with include 216 football clubs, including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Juventus.

    The most expensive card sold on Sorare was that of Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, which sold for $400,000. The issue of scarcity relates to digital trading cards; cards are in limited supply and are classified as “super rare”, “rare”, “limited” and “unique”. The Premier League is the richest league in the world and has plans to hopefully launch their NFT series in the 2022/2023 season.

    Sorare is not alone in the sports collectibles NFT space

    The sports collectibles company, called Topps, will also release digital NFT cards of notable players and plays throughout the current season, complete with audio commentary. There will be NFT card packs released for different match days, with at least one of the four NFT cards guaranteed to be a video card. There will also be a limited edition club flag NFT card for all Bundesliga teams, which will capture the moment when the captains exchange flags at the start of a football match, which is usually their respective team’s flag. The cards will be sorted from common to legendary.

    Sorare’s other major league is La Liga, offering NFTs for La Liga Santander and La Liga Smart Bank.

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