• Royal NFTs of the Savoy family of Italy on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italian unification

  • A recent project based on the Italian Savoy family’s Royal NFTs is awaiting its market debut on the 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

    This NFTs will tell the heroic story of the royal family who helped many people around the globe.

    Recently, art film director Yi Zhou spoke about her upcoming royal NFTs featuring the Savoy family, the last reigning royal family of Italy.These NFT cards will be the first royal NFTs on the market featuring Marie-José, the last queen of Italy.

    She expresses her devotion to the Italian royal family who contributed to the unified Italian Republic. Her collaboration with the non-reigning Prince Emanuele de Silvio of Venice has made this project a success.

    The Savoy family played an important role in unifying Italy 150 years ago, with the help of three other prominent figures, including the famous activist Giuseppe Mazzini.Queen Marie-Jose is also known for her increased contribution to the global community during the Second World War. In addition, she helped the Libyan Red Cross and played a card in helping to oppose the Italian dictator Mussolini.

    Shortly after coming to power, the Queen had to abolish the monarchy and introduce the Italian Republic. The Royal NFTs will be launched during the 150th anniversary of Italian unification on March 17.

    The Royal NFTs will be featured in her meta-universe

    Ms. Yi Zhou is a well-known figure in the film industry, including her involvement in significant financial and philanthropic work. She is a model, an artist, and a director, just to name a few. Her steps in creating royal NFTs and a meta-universe based on the same concept are her way of paying homage to known royalty of the past.

    She has spent a lot of time in Italy and is very familiar with the history of the country. She mentions her long friendship with the Prince of Venice as an important inspiration for her art. In addition, she sees unforgeable tokens as the future of the art industry.

    Her mission is to offer exclusive NFT cards while recreating the famous spaces associated with the characters. However, this project will not be the end of her adventure with NFT as she plans to include her future works in her meta-space. Furthermore, she says that her meta-space will be a growing universe that encourages a broad exploration of the art world.

    NFTs contribution to the art industry

    While Yi Zhou’s Royal NFTs are quite different, they are not the first NFTs to enter the art industry.These tokens are reshaping the art industry into a more profitable commodity, offering security and scarcity. Furthermore, they are the next step in bringing real-world situations into the digital asset space.

    So far, more blockchain platforms are easing into the idea of unforgeable tokens to transform the user experience. Well-known blockchain games like Axie Infinity are offering ERC-721 tokens as a tradable asset for in-game loot.

    As of now, NFTs are the closest approach to tokenizing traditional marketplaces. They are also a powerful future for the world economy, employing blockchain functionality and limited supply; therefore, introducing value to many assets globally.

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