• Italian Football Association NFTs and native tokens to launch via Socios

  • The Italian Football Foundation has stepped into the realm of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. chilliz is being created in partnership. chilliz is blockchain and already has many projects based in the sports and entertainment industry. socio.com, the site that will host the upcoming project. the Euro 2020 champions will launch $ITA fan tokens, similar to domestic clubs in many countries.

    About the partners and launch

    Chiliz is a blockchain provider for many sports teams and entertainment organizations. In particular, they have worked with PSG, UFC, Manchester City, etc. Chilliz “provides blockchain-based tools for sports and entertainment entities to help them engage and monetize their audiences.” Now, they are introducing their services to the Italian Football Federation.

    Socios is the company behind many of the fan tokens we see in the sports space. From PSG to Atletico Madrid and UFC. they have worked with Chilliz on projects before. Either way, their aim is to bring fans closer to their favourite clubs by being able to invest in fan tokens.

    The introduction of cryptocurrency and NFT by the Italian Football Federation will allow users to engage with their favorite teams and receive rewards through fan tokens. Fan tokens are digital assets that offer owners the opportunity to gain voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, AR features, games and competitions. In addition, fans will be able to test their skills against other fans from around the world in games, contests and quizzes, and earn real-life and digital rewards in the process. Finally, they will also be able to access exclusive content.

    About football in Italy and the Italian Football Federation

    Football is the most popular sport in Italy. They are the second most successful team in the history of the World Cup, winning the tournament 4 times. Also, the country’s domestic league is regularly ranked as one of the ‘top five’ football leagues in Europe. Many players, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Diego Maradona, Giorgio Chiellini and Zinedine Zidane, have spent time in Serie A.

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