• “Feelers” Get Blockchain – Rare Wojak NFT Project to Launch 4,000 Randomly Generated Wojaks

  • As Pepe the Frog and Doge enter the limelight with unique and rare non-fakeable token (NFT) assets, another NFT meme collection related to the infamous 2010 meme “Wojak” enters the fray. A new NFT collection originating from a portal called rearrowwojak.com has utilized the infamous vintage meme to publish a compilation of rare Wojak NFTs via the Solana network.

    Meet the Rare Wojak NFT Collection

    Wojak is an 11-year-old meme that appeared on the now-defunct image board Krautchan, after the image went viral and it can be seen regularly on sites like 4chan.Wojak has many variations. The meme is also known as “The Feeling Guy” because people often comment “I know that feeling, bro” after posting the meme. A notable Wojak variant is “NPC Wojak”, which became a viral visual interpretation of those who cannot think independently. In addition to “NPC Wojak”, there is “Coomer”, “Doomer” and “Soyjak”.

    A few rare examples of Wojak

    Like Doge and Pepe the frog, Wojak is a popular meme among cryptocurrency supporters, with variations of Wojak being shared regularly. For example, there’s a meme where Wojak lost all his money by investing in crypto assets and got a “feel” from working at McDonald’s after a crypto market sell-off. In that particular meme, Wojak is wearing a McDonald’s uniform and hat, his grey skin is tattooed with cryptocurrency symbols, and he’s in tears as he has returned to work at the fast food chain’s grill.

    Now, a collection of non-fake tokens (NFTs) featuring Wojak has joined the thousands of NFTs circulating in the blockchain ecosystem. the project comes from the website rearrowwojak.com and the team’s official Twitter account is known as “@rare_wojak”. The series is on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, and in recent times, the team has been teasing and dropping random Wojak NFTs to the project’s followers on Discord and other channels.

    “Watch out Frens,” says the official Twitter handle for the Rare Wojak NFT project.” Do you like Wojak? Are you an NFT enjoyer? Then say no more, you’ve come to the right place.” In addition, on Discord and Twitter, creators have been sharing previews of some of the Wojak artwork used for the NFT series.

    Candy Machine Released, Legendary Video Wojaks To Be Timed

    The launch of the series is on October 1, 2021, and by utilizing Solana, the team will also use Candy Machine for 24 hours. Basically, Candy Machine is an on-chain protocol that governs a fair minting process. The portal states that there will be “4,000 randomly generated vector Wojaks with more than 50 features.” In addition, legendary video Wojaks are also planned and will be “released at regular intervals within days of the sale.”

    “This NFT project is dedicated to ‘that guy with the feel’ Wojak,” the site details.” We’ve tediously reconstructed Wojak into the clearest vector of Rare Wojak on the internet. The end result is X number of randomly generated unique Rare Wojak that you can own, trade, and use in any way you want. While all of the art is technically new, as it [has] been reconstructed, the charm and detail of the original has been preserved as much as possible.

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