• The Top 3 Games to Become the Next Axie Infinity

  • Gartner reports that 70% of the global list of 2,000 companies use gamified marketing. This trend has exploded in the post-pandemic era, especially due to better user interaction. On top of that, gamification is also turning into a passive revenue stream for many.Axie Infinity, an NFT-based mobile-first game, had hit ATH after a massive campaign averaging 350,000 users per day.It recently hosted $170 million in transactions. Some Axie infinity NFTs are averaging $200. As the wave of NFTs under gamification continues, new rivals will pop up. In this article, we pick three games that are expected to be the next Axie Infinity and are the best NFT games.

    Emerging rivals for Axie Infinity

    Three Kingdoms history

    This is an upcoming game that makes money. It replicates the ancient Chinese era. In the game, there are three regions. Wei, Shu and Wu. The game environment further subdivides these regions into several episodes. Players can build their own teams and fight for the throne.NFT drives the game’s economy, and users can forge weapons. Alternatively, they can create skins, heroes, and armor. These game items can be sold at any time in the game economy and in AAM. Players can make further money in a variety of ways.

    Participate in daily, weekly and monthly special missions

    Capture competitive cities

    Mortgage their rare NFTs

    The advantages of the Three Kingdoms

    Very high-end graphics for every game element Minimum barrier to entry Strong support from giants like Netvrk, NFTB, Cinchblock and Double Peak Many revenue streams

    Heroes and Empires

    This is a perfect combination of blockchain powered RPG and chess. The game uses high-end graphics for better visuals and uses NFTs blended with DeFi. Players can collect and upgrade their users. After that, they can cast NFTs for their creations. thus making their creations rare and in demand trade items. There are provisions to increase the power of heroes, which makes them the rarest NFTs. thus driving demand for them. In addition to upgrading their heroes, players can earn money by.

    Participating in in-game events

    Compete in PVP battles to win HE tokens to hype up their collection Open hero packs for their collection and sell them at AAM.

    Advantages of Heroes and Empires

    Daily and seasonal leaderboard rewards. User friendly user interface realistic game environment

    Competitive Hero (MetaHero)

    A play-to-earn 3D game launched on BSC. This game blends the power of 3D technology, NFTs and blockchain to create a unique avatar. Anyone can scan through the MetaHero app to create their copy for the meta-universe, where they can engage in battles or other activities in the meta-universe.NFTs enhance the uniqueness of the character and drive its demand in the ecosystem.

    Ways to make money in the MetaHero ecosystem

    Mint unique MetaHero NFT collateral NFTs to spend hours in the ecosystem to earn hero tokens.

    Benefits of MetaHero

    Collaboration with Wolf Studio to provide a real-time environment. Uses 3D technology to create unique and realistic environments for players Bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds through AR, VR, blockchain and Ultra HD scanning.

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