• Art on Poker Show NFTs

  • Purveyors of fine playing cards, Playing Arts, recently ventured into the cryptocurrency space with a beautiful set of token-based gambling rectangular cards.55 art-based designs have landed on the blockchain.

    Playing Arts has been in the poker game since 2012, creating high-quality decks for connoisseurs of the game. Now, however, seeing the perfect opportunity for NFT collectibles, they have released their first set of blockchain assets. To this end, 7,830 art collectibles have been placed into the NFT space.

    Released as a blind drop, the collection is priced at 0.13 ETH per pack of 2 cards.The collection features 54 cards decorated with beautiful artwork by some of the finest digital artists, with a 55th piece of art adorning the back of each playing card.

    The series was released on August 19 and sold out within an hour. However, collectors can now purchase Playing Arts cards on the OpenSea secondary marketplace. However, the cost of these collectibles is rising rapidly due to the base price of 0.2 ETH.

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