• Newspaper Time Movie Newspaper’s version of NFT recreates the glory of 1950s Taiwanese movies

  • Newspaper Time and Taiwan’s largest NFT platform “Jcard This” have collaborated to launch the “Time Theatre” movie newspaper edition of NFT, and after the first series sold out instantly, the second series follows. This time, NFT collectors and film lovers will enjoy a series of late 1950s Taiwanese films focusing on social news events – Contemporary Pupil Bell Eyes.

    The late 1950s in Taiwanese film history marked the rise and popularity of Taiwanese cinema, attracting resources from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines, and becoming a common memory for fans. The United Press was a major source of advertising for Taiwanese films, witnessing the heyday of Taiwanese cinema and preserving many images of advertisements for the release of classic films. These records from a bygone era not only have popular artistic value, but are also testimonies of an era and society’s culture, and are ideally suited to be transformed into the NFT format to become collectibles of unique value in the blockchain, or even out of their original physical framework and into the meta-universe wave of the future.

    The “Contemporary Pupil Bell Eye” NFT series brings together commercials and release notes from late 1950s Taiwanese films, adapted from social cases and urban legends, allowing collectors to not only hold unique NFTs, but also explore the world of cinema and life in Taiwan at the time. The series will be limited to four different NFTs, including the Taiwanese language calling card Eighteen Years of Crazy Girls, The Keelung Room 7 Tragedy, The Strange Case of the Crematorium, and The Wanhua White Bone Incident. Collectors who own all four editions of the series by 12:00 noon (UTC+8) on December 28, 2021 will also receive two free airdrops of the Tainan Foggy Night Tragedy edition and the series’ themed animated NFT; buyers who do not collect all editions during the sale period can also use the “Jcard This Curry ” marketplace feature of the NFT platform to trade with other buyers.

    The “Jcard This Curry” NFT platform is already selling limited edition packs of 50 cards, each containing two randomly selected cards.

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