• Czech Prince Lobkowicz enters the world of NFT

  • A royal family from the Czech Republic plans to use NFT to help restore their historic property and extensive art collection.

    The noble Lobkowicz family plans to use NFT to auction off digital restoration certificates for their historic properties and valuable art collection. In addition to issuing the non-counterfeitable tokens, Prince William Rudolf Lobkowicz plans to hold a meeting at the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague next month.

    According to the 27-year-old prince, the family has not received any public funds. In addition, the locations and items are considered national treasures and cannot be sold without government approval.

    Enter the utility of the National Trust.” My father sometimes said we were the richest poor people in the world. We’re going to show some pieces that are in desperate need of restoration,” said Lobkowitz. One example of these Royal NFTs will be an animated collection. It depicts the degradation and renovation of a Hercules panel at Nella Holzweiss Castle.

    The young Czech prince believed that NFTs were the future.” I can see NFTs as a new frontier,” says Lobkovic. He added that this new venture is a means to connect with a younger audience.

    As mentioned above, the collection of NFTs will be accompanied by a conference on the subject of NFTs.Lobkowicz has also invited several artists to sell NFTs, with half of the proceeds going to restoration.

    Expansion of the NFT Metaverse

    In the past year, NFTs have entered almost every industry. From sports and fashion to music and real estate, nothing is out of the question. With these groundbreaking collections, the creation of metaspace has become even more of a reality.

    Even some of the world’s leading auction houses are in on the NFT craze. Christie’s recently announced a “rare” NFT collection that includes physical art and antique cards. While the Lobkowicz properties are not major museums, they are similar to large institutional collections. In the UK, the British Museum recently planned to enter the NFT space with Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

    In addition, the world-renowned Russian State Hermitage Museum has launched its own NFT collection on Binance. As NFTs become mainstream, adoption by major cultural institutions will continue.

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