• Czech Royal Family Preserves Iconic Historic Artwork Through NFT

  • NFT is not just for the common man; a Czech royal family dating back to the 14th century plans to use NFT to restore famous historical artifacts.

    Prince Rudolf Lobkowickz, 27, from the noble Lobkowickz family, developed a love for NFTs during the pandemic. Due to restrictions, the Lobkowickz family can no longer host real-life cultural tours, so the prince set out to create digital content and virtual tours that would allow fans to enjoy his family’s cultural heritage from the comfort of their homes.

    The tech-savvy prince soon discovered NFTs, and now he’s hosting the “Unweathered Castle” conference and week-long NFT exhibition at Prague’s Lobkowickz Palace from Oct. 11 to Oct. 16.

    The NFTs will feature historical works and will also include a painting with a hidden story and a piece of music that has not been heard in 250 years. The Lobkovich family has been collecting art for over 600 years, and this new medium is a way for them to test whether technology can preserve art and stand the test of time.

    “My father sometimes said that we are the richest poor people in the world. We want to showcase works that are in desperate need of restoration,” says Prince Lobkowitz.” By investing in NFT, patrons gain ownership of unique digital assets, while also directly supporting conservation efforts or other important cultural initiatives.”

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