• Explore the TikTok-style NFT marketplace powered by Polygon

  • According to CoinGecko, the NFT space is in the top 10 categories with the highest market cap. Over dozens of NFTs plan to explore collectibles, integration with the metaverse, and gaming, among others.

    However, no platform bridges the gap between content creators and their audiences in a social media platform-style way like YouClout does. You’ll discover its latest features, and why Polygon is its newest partner.

    What is YouClout?

    YouClout is a decentralized, community-managed NFT marketplace similar in style to the popular video sharing platform TikTok, which brings together content creators and their community members.

    A fundamental feature of YouClout is that it helps creators tokenize their content and make it available to interested community members. In addition, the NFT marketplace is compatible with web browsing phones and computers.

    On the other hand, the YouClout platform has undergone some interesting updates recently, such as strategic partnerships and marketplace launches. Please take a look at them.

    YouClout to go live on Polygon

    The TikTok-style NFT marketplace has revealed plans to launch on blockchain platform Polygon. This partnership will provide its users with better, faster, more cost effective and secure transactions. Hence ease of use, leading to more adoption of the platform.

    Compound betting launch

    In addition, community members now have the opportunity to earn rewards on its TikTok Style NFT marketplace. According to an official tweet, the YouClout native token $YCT is now available for rewards on AscendEX global pre-set bets. However, bettors must wager at least 1,000 $YCT tokens to receive it at a 220% APR.

    NFT Marketplace Launch

    The TikTok-style platform recently launched its NFT marketplace. The marketplace is a major milestone for the entire ecosystem and will help content creators tokenize their content. It will also provide a marketplace for selling and monetizing these tokenized assets.

    YouClout products

    Some of the proposed products for the TikTok-Style market include.

    NFT Marketplace. VIP Room. Influencer badge. Decentralized minting and selling capabilities for meta-YCT tokens.

    $YCT Price

    Finally, $YCT traded at $0.07 with a 24 hour volume of $1.1M.

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