• Illustrator Steve Simpson Launches “Mindful Journey” NFTs

  • Award-winning illustrator Steve Simpson has teamed up with USEUM Collectibles, one of the leading NFT platforms, to launch a special NFT collection for World Mental Health Day. World Mental Health Day takes place every year on October 10th and is dedicated to raising awareness of anxiety and mental health recovery.

    The collection, titled Mindful Journey, includes masterpieces inspired by personal turmoil, the search for answers, and his journey to healing. The three NFT pieces that will be available for purchase are “State of Turmoil,” “State of Truce,” and “State of Inner Peace.” They depict the artist’s struggle with anxiety, self-acceptance and inner peace.

    Steve’s unique style can be seen through his vibrant artistic touch, which blends eccentric and organic forms with human anatomy. His art celebrates the importance of positive thinking and connection to the natural world for well-being and mental health. Collectors will be able to bid on the USEUM platform from 10pm BST on 12 October and the auction will run for 48 hours.

    USEUM Collectibles has been listed as one of the top five projects to change the way people view the NFT industry. The platform is powered by Origin Protocol and helps established artists and institutions harness the power of blockchain technology.

    Steve Simpson is an internationally renowned illustrator from the UK. His previous work includes everything from 1-inch stamps to 200-foot screens in New York’s Times Square, digital illustrations for Disney and Beano, a founding member of the Irish Society of Illustrators, and more. His style is heavily influenced by folk art, 50’s advertising and the arts and crafts movement.

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