• Photographer F Frederic Auerbach to Release NFT Photos Featuring Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch and More

  • In collaboration with artist-led production studio Accursed Share, acclaimed fashion photographer Frederic Auerbach is set to release his exclusive NFT series.The NFTs will showcase his work with five A-list celebrities, including Zendaya from Euphoria and boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Famous Hollywood stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Portman and Sharon Stone are the others on the list.

    In addition, NFT includes an exclusive interview with Auerbach in which he talks about his inspirations, plans and the various processes in the studio. With his first NFT release, Auerbach joins the ranks of other photographers, such as Charles Peterson and Marius Spearich, who have released their NFTs.

    All about the Frederic Auerbach NFT series

    ” Auerbach told us, “The team at Accursed Share was able to help build a narrative around my work that really emerged from my unique connection to my subject matter, tying those stories to crypto art forms, adding a unique technical perspective that enhanced and elevated my work in the new medium of NFT.

    Frederic Auerbach’s NFT series, indeed, offers more than just his fine artwork. Above all, it effortlessly blends art and technology to give the holder a unique experience. Titled “Captured Moments. The series is divided into the “Master Series” and the “Process Series”.

    Master Series

    The first series, featuring each celebrity, has a range of benefits. In addition to the high-resolution NFT of the original piece, each NFT in the series will include an additional “dynamic NFT”. This piece will randomly display a different clip of the final piece every few hours. In addition, the winner of the auction will receive a signed copy of the high-resolution photo. A video NFT of Auerbach’s behind-the-scenes interview is another perk.

    “[ Auerbach] was very generous in sharing not only his photos with us, but also his creative process, which he did, of course, in a very special way: like a magician,” Accursed Share CEO and founder John Connor told us.” It’s one thing to know what to perform; it’s another thing entirely to know how to execute it, and that’s where Frederic Auerbach’s mastery – his taste, his subtlety and precision – comes into play.”

    In addition, Conner adds that “proof of work” in art has the potential to become important in the NFT space.” Proof of work in progress can add value to collections that are not – or not exactly – iterative, but proliferative and enduring.”

    And that’s not all! Lucky auctioneers will also have access to Auerbach’s private photo shoots in his Los Angeles studio. A single session with this photographer costs over $12,000!

    The Master Series will go live on Accursed Share on December 17 with a starting bid of 3.0 ETH (approximately $13,000 at current prices). In addition, to bid on NFTs, you must hold a Process Series NFT.

    Process Series NFTs

    The Craft Series NFTs will now be available to all fans and collectors who participate in the studio’s whitelist referral program. The series includes a total of 1,700 NFTs with six craft photos of each high-profile celebrity. The 30 unique images will be available in varying rarities, with only five of the rarest NFTs in total. In addition, the studio will airdrop many of these NFTs for free to early whitelist subscribers!

    The series will go live on December 5 at a price of 0.05 ETH per NFT.All process NFT holders can also join Auerbach’s upcoming NFT and Photography Discord group. This online community is designed to bring together like-minded collectors interested in photography, NFT, and the intersection of the two.

    What is Accursed Share?

    Accursed Share is an artist-led production studio focused on using smart contract technology to take NFT art to new heights. In addition to producing narrative-driven crypto art, the platform aims to “unlock the creative potential that smart contracts can bring.” In addition, it helps artists – even those without technical knowledge – create multifaceted, dynamic NFTs.

    “Accursed Share has two distinct privileges: raising the bar for crypto art and lowering its barrier to entry. Solve and condense!” Accursed Share’s Chief Concept Officer Mónica Belevan told us.

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