• Payments Giant Visa Invests in CryptoPunk Movement

  • World-renowned payments giant Visa has taken a bold step into the world of NFTs. They have purchased CryptoPunk #7610 for 49.5 ETH.

    For over 60 years, Visa has been collecting historical artifacts related to the world of finance. This repository includes items related to technological advances within the industry. Now, this venerable payments expert has deemed the humble NFT worth collecting.

    As a result, CryptoPunk #7160 was purchased and added to Visa’s own secure wallet. The purchase of this piece of NFT history was orchestrated by newly licensed digital asset bank Anchorage. As a result, the mohawked, green-eyed female punk changed hands for about $150,000, which shockingly is on the lower end of CryptoPunk’s pricing range.

    Following the acquisition, Visa acknowledged the huge potential of NFTs, as well as the overall meta space. In addition, the company has made it clear that they intend to stay at the forefront of this new technology. As one of the most widely recognized financial institutions on the planet, it’s great news that Visa recognizes the potential of this market.

    In an environment where centralized finance is at odds with a decentralized future, Visa’s support for NFT is a huge leap forward for the cryptocurrency space. And, it’s another clue that the space is gearing up for mainstream adoption.

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