• Collecting moments from the MotoGP™ Ignition Hot Shots NFT sale

  • MotoGP™ Ignition fans will now be able to collect their favorite moments in the form of Hot Shots NFT collectibles. These will be unique collectible video NFTs distilled from highlight reels of MotoGP’s best racing moments.

    The first release will showcase the most exciting moments from the MotoGP™ 2021 Qatar Bawa Grand Prix. This will be the third series of NFT MotoGP™ Ignition collectibles to be released this year, with the first two series being a huge success and quickly selling out. To make their favourite Hot Legends NFT available to all players, this time there will be a new time slot booking system that will allow buyers to focus on their time zone.

    Collectors can sign up for the sale by selecting up to two of the three time periods. Once the time slot selection phase is over, the website will be updated to show your assigned time slot. Then, when it’s your turn during the sale, you’ll be able to purchase a Hot Shot NFT pack.The Hot Shot NFT sale will take place on September 28th, and the pack will be available to open shortly after the sale ends.

    In total, there will be 6,000 Hot Shot NFT video packs, each with three hot shots from the MotoGP™ 2021 Barwa Grand Prix of Qatar. Each pack will cost $15 and can only be purchased with a credit card. So get your video packs early before they sell out!

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