• New NFT Platform Launches on Tezos, XTZ Soars 13%

  • Tezos (XTZ) prices spiked more than 13% yesterday following the launch of the new NFT platform and increased user activity on the network, data from multiple sources show.

    The token ranks 45th with its $3.5 billion market cap, but has made moves over the past year in both technology and corporate partnerships to increase its retail presence.

    Football NFTs on Tezos

    Golden Goals launched on the Tezos network earlier this week. The deal is a football-focused NFT merchandising tool designed to provide a “digital” experience for fans of local and international football clubs.

    Golden Goals said it chose the Tezos network for its environmental considerations and emphasis on being a “green” blockchain.

    The deal has been signed with Ligue 1 side Nantes – a top team from France with eight Ligue 1 trophies under its belt. As part of the partnership, supporters and fans can now match the club’s certified non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with physical merchandise, such as officially signed football shirts.

    The club itself has been provided with a platform through which NFTs can be designed, minted and sold.Two types of tokens will be made available through the platform. The first type, known as Goal NFTs, is certified and can only be created directly by the club.

    However, the platform also supports fan minted tokens, called Fan NFTs, although these tokens will lack special privileges, such as a link to physical merchandise items.

    Meanwhile, in addition to the NFT aspect, Golden Goals allows fans to process donations to their clubs via cryptocurrency – helping fans monetize their support for their local communities and teams.

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