• Will the new TomoChain (TOMO) partnership drive blockchain gaming?

  • October has been an exciting month for TomoChain. The proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain technology platform also recently announced a strategic partnership with the 3D racing eSports game Dragon Kart.

    This partnership with TomoChain is expected to expand not only Dragon Kart, but also the entire blockchain gaming ecosystem.Dragon Kart is a 3D racing game embedded with game-money and free-to-play mechanics.

    The partnership with the eSports platform is a clear indication of TomoChain’s interest in the blockchain gaming and NFT space. According to the official blog post, the PoS blockchain platform will provide technical, financial and community development support to the eSports platform. Interestingly, Long Vuong, founder and CEO of TomoChain Lab, will also serve as an advisor to the eSports platform. He will use his wealth of wisdom to provide valuable information to the Dragon Kart team.

    In addition to advising Dragon Kart on its development, TomoChain has also invested in the eSports platform. This move shows that the PoS blockchain platform believes strongly in what the eSports platform is trying to achieve.TomoChain made this investment using its LuaVentures platform, the venture capital arm of TomoChain Labs. It is tasked with searching out upcoming blockchain projects with great potential.

    The PoS blockchain platform will help increase the visibility of the eSports platform. Thus, helping to increase its user base.TomoChain will also assist Dragon Kart with its NFT sales campaign.

    Dragon Kart IDO on LuaStarter

    DragonKart has also disclosed plans to launch an IDO. The IDO will take place on TomoChain’s LuaStarter platform. built on both TomoChain and Ether, LuaStarter helps raise funds for blockchain projects. It also provides a transparent and easy investment environment for interested investors.

    The CEO of 3D Gaming Platform spoke highly of the partnership with TomoChain. Noting that TomoChain will help drive the eSports platform to new heights. At the same time, this partnership will help Dragon Kart “[……] easily enter and expand even more in the cryptocurrency space.” Through the partnership, the gaming platform and TomoChain “[……] will bring their expertise and user base in blockchain and GameFi to people with the ability to earn entertainment and cryptocurrency.”

    TomoChain is also excited about the prospect of working with Dragon Kart. The eSports platform’s head of art concepts, Bui Dinh Thang (Thang Fly), is also known for his “Pikalong” comic character. He also has millions of followers on social media networks. There are also plans to include collectibles and game characters from the eSports platform in the TomoChain blockchain.

    About the two platforms

    TomoChain (TOMO) is known as a top-tier, PoS and scalable blockchain network. It also has fast transaction speeds, zero refueling fees and EVM compatibility.

    On the other hand, Dragon Kart is a 3D racing game with earn while you play and free to play features. The characters in the game are also from the Pokalong series by Don Fei.

    TOMO Price

    TomoChain has a price of $2.36, a market cap of $204,273,889 and 24 hour trading volume of $4,411,148. The token price has also decreased by 1.4% in the last 24 hours.

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