• Japanese gaming giant Square Enix joins the NFT bandwagon

  • It’s usually easy to overlook the quiet release of a $5 NFT set. But, when you dig deeper, you find out that the talent involved is the famous manga artist Choboraunyopomi. and, upon closer inspection, the company responsible is Square Enix.

    Any established software developer jumping into the NFT space is big news. It means that one of Japan’s biggest gaming companies is testing the waters of new technology. Also, since Square Enix is the development force behind the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games, the potential for NFT is staggering.

    The first batch arrived on October 14 in the shape of the popular Japanese cartoon character, “Million Arthur.” There are two specific types, character stickers with customizable backgrounds and frames, and four framed stickers featuring the original Choboraunyopomi artwork. In addition, owners can save tokens in their original wallets in order to accumulate points for more content.

    Behind the scenes, the entire operation is made possible through the LINE blockchain and their own custom LINE BITMAX wallet. In addition, the Japanese NFT company doublejump.tokyo ensures that the token side of things is working properly. Users can register via the Line messaging app (same company) and follow the instructions (in Japanese!) Access to assets.

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