• English translations of Japanese science fiction exclusively for NFTs

  • Miyuki Ono’s science fiction novel “Pure” was released as NFT, creating a new avenue of income for writers and translators who are currently underpaid for their work.

    “Pure” is one of the first Japanese science fiction works in the world to be released as an NFT, and the first NFT of a Japanese story to be released in English translation, which is available exclusively on NFT. and to encourage more Japanese translations.” She believes that the sale of her novel in NFTs could lead to a new model of profitability for authors and translators.

    Miyuki Ono explains that it is difficult to make a living as a literary translator in Japan.Miyuki Ono says that translators are poorly paid compared to the time and effort put into translating literary works, and that only a small percentage of all Japanese literature gets translated into English.

    Miyuki Ono’s NFT edition of “Pure” is currently available for sale on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace.

    “Pure” is a love story set in a world where women must consume men in order to become pregnant. It first became popular in 2019 when it was posted on the online blog of Japanese science fiction publisher Hayakawa Publishing, garnering 200,000 views. This led to the story being published in a collection with four other stories in 2020.

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