• Japanese NFT manga PAW comes out as an NFT collectible series

  • PAW, The Expanding Universe, is a collection of NFT collectibles based on the evolving journeys of its characters. These collectibles relate to the story of the original NFT comic, which began with the first NFT title, titled “PAW THE HYPER LYNX”.

    HYPER LYNX and his partner HYPER RAT warp into the world of video games to continue their journey into DIVERSITY PUNK. In the future, they will meet a new assortment of carnivore characters along the way and learn to understand different cultures and build trust with these new species. The characters they meet in this story will be the next NFT to descend, and the world of PAW UNIVERSE will expand as the story continues.

    The first series of NFTs, PAW THE HYPER LYNX, features 10, 296 smart, agile, intelligent lynx who spend their days in the Internet realm. Each LYNX costs 0.02 ETH to mint and is programmed to be generated from over 250 possible features, including faces, heads, backgrounds, chairs, and more. Collectors also receive ownership and commercial use rights to each NFT they purchase.

    The first NFT series went live a few days ago and is available for minting. owners of HYPER LYNX will be eligible to receive a free mint from his partner HYPER RAT one month after the public sale. There will also be exclusive future NFT Paw Comics dropped to members in the next few months.

    The team behind the project plans to keep things fun and innovative by hosting art contests, working with various projects to promote PAW in Tokyo (where they are based) and internationally, and setting up a community grant program for members to submit their ideas.

    Stay tuned for the future of PAW UNIVERSE, the next NFT drop in the PAW series with the undead dog and his sidekick FURY OTTER. owners of HYPER RAT will have the opportunity to cast PAW THE IMMORTAL DOG for free by using and burning their HYPER RAT NFT.

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