• Early XCOPY NFT Sells for $6 Million in Ether

  • X_COPY’s “A Coin For the Ferryman” has changed hands for $6 million worth of Ether. The cryptocurrency artist minted this one-of-a-kind piece in 2018.

    X_COPY’s artwork breaks records

    Sales of high-value NFTs are booming.

    An early NFT by renowned cryptocurrency artist X_COPY sold on SuperRare Thursday night, bringing in 1,330 ETH for the new owner, or roughly $6.03 million at today’s prices. The unique piece, titled “A Coin For the Ferryman”, dates back to 2018 and is one of the artist’s earliest works.

    The work has not been sold since 自2018年SuperRare用户@0xclipse以0.5个ETH (about $139 at the time) purchased it directly from X_COPY.

    The London-based artist has a legacy dating back to 2017 and is considered a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency art. Their work gained more visibility following a surge of interest in NFT earlier this year.

    Since then, several one-of-a-kind XCOPY pieces have sold for millions of dollars.Another high-profile sale of XCOPY artwork occurred last month, when NFT collector Cozomo de’ Medici paid the equivalent of $3.86 million for a piece titled “Some Jerk.”

    For secondary market transactions of artwork listed on SuperRare, artists typically receive 10% of the final sale price, meaning XCOPY received just over $600,000 worth of Ether in its most recent sale.

    XCOPY is not the only cryptocurrency artist whose artwork has sold for jaw-dropping prices.In March, Beeple’s “Everydays.The First 5,000 Days” became not only the most expensive NFT at auction, but also the third most expensive work sold by a living artist, garnering a landmark sale at Christie’s for 69.34 million.Beeple returned to the auction house on November 9 to sell an NFT sculpture titled “HUMAN ONE”; bidding began at $15 million.

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