• Fashion icon DKNY unveils NFT logo at radical auction

  • World-renowned fashion brand DKNY has the ambition to make its mark in the digital space. With this goal in mind, they are promoting themselves by launching an artificial intelligence generated NFT logo.

    Founded in the dubious year of 1984, DKNY has always strived to stay on top of the technology scene. However, in recent years, they have experienced an aging customer base. To rectify this and appeal to a younger audience, they are embracing the humble NFT.

    DKNY has redesigned its iconic logo and immortalized it on the blockchain. With the help of AI pioneer Obvious, they algorithmically generated an animated incarnation of the brand name.1 The NFT offers a symphony of black and white inspired by the legendary murals that once adorned the entrance to New York’s vibrant Soho district. As a result, the new logo showcases a softer approach that offers a glimpse of New York City through the ebb and flow of its different stages.

    To give back to the city that DKNY calls home, they will donate all proceeds to the American Nurses Foundation. This is a healthcare-based charity that provides support to the city’s valiant nursing community.

    The auction will take place on the newly launched Rad platform. In addition, the reserve price for the auction is set at 1 ETH.

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