• Mechs successfully complete IDO on Gamefi and RedKite

  • Mech Master, the popular gaming NFT project, has successfully completed its first DEX offering on Gamefi and Redkite. The project’s native tokens were also listed on PancakeSwap, causing its IDO price to soar a whopping 26x. The $MECH token touched an all-time high of $1.07, giving early participants a return of over 42x and proving what NFT experts have been calling for, Mech Master is a game changer.Mech Master also locked in the BNB-MECH liquidity provider for six months using the TrustSwap liquidity lock tool.

    Out of 70,000 whitelist applications, only 3,000 whitelist wallets participated in IDO/IGO, contributing a total of $492,960. As the $MECH token soared, whitelist participants were rewarded several times over, exceeding everyone’s expectations.Mech Master is currently just past the IDO stage, and thanks to its innovative gameplay, it’s already making headlines in the NFT world, and since it’s already listed on Coinmarketcap and Coinecko, its presence will be felt in the mainstream Revealed.

    Mech Master gears up for the month ahead

    Mech Master is the first ever complex 3D rendered character blockchain game with stunning and brilliant graphics and a one-of-a-kind experience. It also brings real meaning to the meta-universe given that AR components can be integrated and used to take it to the next level. Following the successful IDO as well as the audit, the Mech Master ecosystem will introduce a series of products and new features that will only make it more valuable in the P2E space.

    The biggest upcoming and long awaited launch is the Mech Master NFT Marketplace, which will allow NFT holders to buy, sell, trade and pledge their NFTs for more native tokens $Mech. The marketplace will open up new avenues for players and traders to become the center of the ecosystem. Token pledging will make way for passive income on the Mech platform, which will attract more users. As the ecosystem progresses, Mech tokens will also find their way onto more exchanges and DEXs for more trading opportunities.

    The NFT Mech boxes are all premium and, it gives an opportunity to get limited time specials that are lower than the actual price of the game at launch.The opening of the NFT boxes will be a key event that will push users ahead to get rare NFTs at a cheaper price than the market price.Looking at how Mech tokens have performed since their launch, these NFTs could also be a lucrative way for holders to earn some Way.

    The first campaign launched with 1,000 boxes on the Mech Master platform. All mystery boxes sold out almost instantly in just 25 seconds. In the second campaign, 6,000 NFT boxes were launched in partnership with GameFi. To everyone’s surprise, all the mystery boxes sold out in less than 15 minutes.

    The $MECH tokens are now available on Trust Wallet. The support from Trust Wallet is an important milestone for MechMaster as it opens up a significant adoption channel for existing backers to add $MECH to their holdings.

    What to expect from MechMaster?

    Despite being relatively new, the platform has already proven to be a successful one. The reason for such popularity can be attributed to the amazing gameplay and focus on making the best of video games and cryptocurrency. The project has everything to make it to the second tier of the NFT market in the post-regulation era where only a few can survive.

    Mech Master will be a full 3D game at launch. Every character, any scenes, game effects and moon base are rendered in 3D. Initially, all of these 3D characters were designed in 2D first before being rendered in 3D. Mech Master’s mechs, pilots, and equipment are already in the pipeline for 2021.The Mech Master team is using augmented reality to blend the virtual and real worlds together and take the player’s imagination to the next level. In the next quarter, it will launch an in-game AR app where players can complete missions in the physical environment around them, leading to a collective rise in adoption and awareness.

    MechMaster is a sci-fi blockchain game that enables its players to join battles and enjoy Mech Master tokens (MECH) as a reward for victory. holders of MECH can use their tokens to bet on attractive annual rates, play games, and participate in key governance votes. Players will also earn $MECH tokens as they participate in various in-game activities and events in the Mech Master universe. The $MECH tokens can be used to farm and rent NFTs and other collectibles. In addition to practicing these themselves, players can hire others to upgrade their NFTs and profit from the upgraded NFTs.

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