• Ballet NFT series from Russian ballerina Osipova is a world first

  • Natalia Osipova is one of the most popular ballet stars and the first person to create a ballet NFT. Natalia recently announced that she will take her first step into the world of cryptocurrency by creating her own NFT to fund her dance company.In December, Bonhams Auction House will auction off her ballet-inspired NFTs.

    Ballet NFTs: an unlikely combination

    Natalia’s Ballet NFTs will showcase three unique dance performances in video format. Two of the performances will be from a classic ballet performance of Giselle. And the other will be from A Left behind, which she performed in Mexico with her fiancé Jason Kittelberger.

    Natalia’s NFT ambition comes from her desire to connect more with her fans online due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on her work life. Osipova and her fiancé saw an opportunity in the profitable nature of NFT to fund their own dance company, and they hope to do so through their earnings.

    The couple have partnered with world-renowned auction house Bonhams to help sell NFT; bidding is expected to begin on December 10. The series will be titled Natalia Osipova: Triptych and could sell for thousands of dollars.

    Giselle NFTs will be priced between £8,000-10,000, while Left behind will sell for around £30,000-50,000. To help boost sales, Bonhams will also sell the NFTs alongside other ballet memorabilia such as paintings and costume designs.

    The NFT market has seen a surge in value over the past two years, with the Nyan cat selling for $531,000 in February this year.NFTs are disrupting the digital space, and online assets on the blockchain are becoming increasingly popular.

    The Future of NFT Artistic Expression

    Osipova and her fiancé aren’t the only celebrities jumping on the NFT bandwagon. artists like Beeple and even Grimes are selling NFTs. osipova hopes that ballet NFTs will help lay the groundwork for future artists, helping them connect with fans through digital means and serve as a new platform for artistic expression.

    In the future, we may see further adoption of NFTs, with more celebrities embracing them to express themselves. Natalia Osipova represents the first wave of celebrity adoption of NFTs, and this is likely to continue. As with any new market, there are financial risks; early adopters like Natalia Osipova are leading the way.

    The security of the blockchain, soaring prices and the proliferation of NFTs could create a whole new platform for artistic expression. Not just in ballet, but in all mediums. Ancient and contemporary art forms will come together to create NFTs.

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