• Fantasy football game Footium to launch Mint Club

  • On November 15, you can now own a football club on Footium, and 3060 clubs will be available for minting at 0.05 ETH each. The minting will take place over three days. on the 15th, 17th and 19th of November at 6pm GMT. Simply go to the Footium website and click on the “Mint Your Club” button.

    Footium’s club sale announcement: mint your own club

    In addition to the club sale, users can expect to have the chance to win 1 of 5 football clubs or 1 ETH and a football club giveaway. In addition, anyone who enters the giveaway will be added to the whitelist for the second phase of the mint on Wednesday. To join the whitelist, you first need to sign up for their Discord. then you fill out the form on the announcement channel.

    So, why is the football club sales announcement a big deal?

    In fantasy football games, having a football club is a big deal because it gives you early access to the game. It also gives them an advantage over others because the rarer the team badge, the higher the league you start in. Buying your club now guarantees a place in the first 8 tiers of the Footium league system, which is pyramidal, with twice as many lower tiers as there are higher tiers.

    In addition, it unlocks unique 3D stadiums associated with each club. Generated club badges will then be created randomly, with varying levels of rarity. All clubs come with extensive lore, including information about the fanbase, history and much more! In line with popular sports teams, users will have access to club jerseys and their team and player colors!

    More information about Footium and how the clubs affect the game

    Footium is an MMO football strategy game in which you manage a team to victory. Getting to higher levels leads to more prizes, more fan participation, and more glory Footium Clubs are your pass to the game and your pass to enter tournaments to win prizes. Simply put, to play the game, you need to own a club.

    According to the official announcement, clubs at higher levels will be rarer than clubs at lower levels, however, the league your club is in is not always fixed. Clubs in lower leagues can be promoted, while clubs in higher leagues can be relegated, but when a club is in a higher league, its value comes from the benefits of being in a higher league. Promotion and winning cups brings bonuses to players.

    In addition, clubs are token minting machines. Each club has its own academy, which brings new talent to the game each season. The sooner you get your club, the sooner you can start scouting the academy for underrated talent. You can also build a pipeline of high quality players or sell them to other managers.

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