• Gamified NFT project Piñazza launches NFT drop today

  • Piñazza, which provides financial support to mental health charities, is launching Piñazza Piñas today at www.pinazza.fun. NFT collectors are encouraged to match, match and mix. Everyone who minted a token (Piña) will receive a future free airdrop of Piñazza Pizza NFTs. a few lucky members of the community will receive one hundred tokens. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) through DAO.

    Who is behind the project?

    The project was developed by Michael Lennicx, former art director of Wiley Mathews and Nickelodeon Animation Studios, an early cryptocurrency enthusiast who helped produce Crypto HQ Davos, the $20 million pizza party, the Crypto Psychedelic conference, and other iconic events. The latter has an impressive client list that includes MTV, Lego, Sesame, Marvel Comics, and more.

    Co-creator Mathews explains the initiative. :.

    “We’re putting fun into the NFT space through innovative gamified NFT placements, while also supporting a really good cause. the Piñazza NFTs are not only compelling collectibles, but they will create future opportunities for fun and utility throughout the meta-space, so we’re really excited to introduce this to the community.”

    Lennicx adds.

    “In creating Piñazza, we pushed the boundaries of standard pfp NFTs: we explored character poses, extreme expressions and more elaborate backgrounds. This led to a higher-end product and a variety of crazy characters, some unpredictable, that I think will bring endless laughs and inspiration to the NFT community.”

    10K unique NFT, 10K pizza NFT, full commercial token use

    The drop features decentralized governance, with the community deciding the future of Piñazza and the full IP and commercial use of each Piñazza. The first drop requires 10,000 uniquely generated Piña NFTs and the second is 10,000 Pizza NFTs. in addition, there will be over 50 exclusive “Pinazza Perfects” throughout the set.

    Drops include a fair limit on mint volume and instant disclosure of NFTs, and are securely hosted on IPFS. The entire collection contains over 300 million unique Pinazza’s in possible combinations.Piñazza will donate $50,000 to a mental health charity of the community supporter’s choice at the end of the sale.

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