• Marvel and Boss Beauties NFT Partner on Women’s Empowerment

  • Boss Beauties, a leading NFT project designed by girls, has partnered with Comic Relief to spread the message of women’s empowerment.

    After partnering with companies like Verizon and Target, Comic-Con is another jewel in their crown.

    In short, they are on a winning streak.

    World of Women, another prominent women-led NFT project, congratulated Boss Beauties on their success.

    Boss Beauties dominates the NFT market

    The NFT Project has made headlines several times in the past few months for its fantastic 10K NFT series depicting the lives of young women and girls.

    With its motto being “A woman can be anything she wants to be”, the Boss Beauties collection focuses on a diverse range of young women.

    Factors such as skin color, race, ethnicity, and language – which have been a barrier for centuries – are now celebrated. My Social Canvas, the global brand behind the collection, has been working tirelessly on multiple fronts for 10 years.

    With their entry into the NFT industry, the Boss Beauties collection has become a phenomenon. With a base price of 0.27 ETH and a total trading volume of 2.8K+ ETH (as of release), the collection is one of the most popular NFTs currently available.

    If you take a look at the series, you’ll see that each of the 10,000 women symbolizes a social status. A position that was previously not easily attainable by women for various reasons.

    Boss Beauties also became the first NFT project to debut on the New York Stock Exchange.” …… NASDAQ is honoring us by announcing our scholarship fund to the world,” the program says on its website.

    Owning Boss Beauties’ work has its own benefits. Not only is it insanely lucrative, but the program offers guaranteed free airdrops. They also give you access to their years of work, research, and seminars on women’s empowerment.

    Comic Relief enters the realm of NFT

    The biggest movie studio on the planet joined the race for NFTs and digital collectibles a few months ago. Marvel had already released some of their own NFTs with VeVe before partnering with the Boss Beauties line.

    Their first NFT set was in August 2021 when Marvel released some Captain America statues and Spider comic books on digital media.

    The set included “Super Rare – Spider-Man”, “Uncommon – Spider-Man”, “Common – Spider-Man”, “Rare – Spider-Man” and “Secret – Spider-Man”.

    The first fully readable Amazing Spider-Man issue #1 NFT caught the eye of Marvel fans becoming an instant success.

    While the collaboration with Boss Beauty was primarily designed to highlight their work on women’s empowerment, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw some artistic collaborations.

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