• Marvel and DC say “no” to freelance artists’ NFTs!

  • When it comes to “entertainment” and specifically superheroes, the entire world is divided into two distinct groups. Yes, I’m sure everyone knows this, these two groups are, Marvel Universe and DC Comics. Everyone in the world can be distinguished as a fan of DC Comics or a fan of Marvel Universe.

    Nonetheless, the expectations and hype of fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have reached a core with the emerging market of non-fakeable tokens (NFT). However, when it comes to freelance artists selling NFTs on their company’s characters, both competitors have come together to illustrate the point. As a result, both Marvel and DC Comics have said “no” to all freelance artists being allowed to make and sell NFTs based on their characters.

    DC Comics’ strict orders

    DC Comics is the oldest American comic that is still playing the game today and hopefully will always be playing it. The most anticipated addition to the NFT market as it grows is the long term addition of DC Comics and Marvel Universe.

    However, to date, DC Comics has not revealed anything about the possibility or news of their NFT. As a result, last year DC Comics officially told all freelance writers not to make or sell any type of digital assets, namely NFTs based on their intellectual property (IP) and characters.

    As such, any such activity in the NFT marketplace is illegal, unlawful, and considered a crime punishable by law. Despite such announcements, many people continue to make NFTs and sell them in large quantities. In addition, one comic artist, Jose Delgo, sold a Wonder Woman NFT series on Makersplace.

    Also, another freelance artist sold an NFT about Marvel on OpenSea for $2,000 worth of Ether (ETH).

    So now the DC Comics NFTs will not be sold until or unless DC Comics themselves officially launch them.

    Marvel’s NFTs

    On the other hand, Marvel Universe has recently announced the same statement as DC comics. In addition, Marvel has mandated that all freelance artists are prohibited from making and selling any form of NFTs or other digital assets based on their IP and characters.

    Additionally, last month, the Marvel Cinematic Universe publicly announced their entry into the NFT market. As a result, Marvel has partnered with the VeVe app to launch its NFTs and series of digital collectibles.

    Nonetheless, Marvel called August “Marvel month” and said it launched its first digital collectible line and NFT based on “Spider-Man”.

    Additionally, Marvel launched Captain-America NFTs in late August for its 81st anniversary.

    Additionally, Marvel has stated that they will be offering plenty of opportunities for Marvel creators on the VeVe platform.

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