• Comic Book Month Continues with NFT Comics

  • On the heels of their successful Spider-Man series, Marvel is steadily moving forward with their Marvel Month program. That is, in the form of limited edition digital comics and Captain America collectibles.

    In the spirit of their passion for superheroes, Marvel is releasing three of the rarest and most sought-after comic books. With that in mind, all three books will appear in the NFT realm as digital NFT collectibles. First up is Marvel Comics issue #1, the comic that started the ball rolling. The second is issue #85, Journey into Mystery, the first comic to feature the lovable supervillain Loki. Lastly was the first comic in the Fantastic Four series.

    These three comics NFT will be released on August 19th, 20th and 21st respectively. Each has five levels of rarity, indicating the cover design offered, and will cost $6.99 each. In total, there are 170,000 comics available.

    Also released earlier this week was the Marvel Mightys line. These represent five cartoonish characters from the Captain America series, with varying rarities. To that end, the evil overlord known as Red Skull represents the rarest item in the series.The Marvel Mightys will retail for $13 each.

    All items are available exclusively through the VeVe app, available for download on IOS and Android. Each collectible is cast in a blind auction and the rarity received is random.

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